Everything You Need to Know about Ordering Hospice Regatta Apparel

Sure, the Hospice Regattas Apparel Store exists primarily so sailors and other hospice supporters can buy souvenir tee shirts online.

Imprinted on cotton tees via a direct-to-garment process, Willard Bond’s “Spinnaker Heaven” provides yet another example of his remarkable ability to depict the drama of sailboat racing.
The “Signature Line” of cotton and tech tee shirts features Willard Bond’s “Spinnaker Heaven” on the back above the name of your local regatta. The Alliance logo is imprinted on the front of these shirts.

If you want to sell branded t-shirts, polos, or fleeces on-site during your regatta, there is an option.

That’s where you come in, as your regatta’s “Authorized Representative.” (If the name shown for your regatta is not correct, send us accurate info right away, please.)

Here is how the process works:

  1. Decide what hospice regattas apparel to offer in-person.
  2. Go to the Hospice Regattas Apparel Store and fill your shopping cart.
  3. When you order at least 12 items to sell at your event, you get a 30% discount on the retail price.
  4. Only Authorized Reps can receive the discount.
  5. In addition, the A.R. must use this special promo code during check-out: HOR2018
  6. You set the prices for your event-day sales — but please do not sell hospice regattas apparel for less than the online price ($20 for a SS cotton tee, $35 for a LS tech tee, etc.). These are top-quality goods, with excellent imprints of Bond’s “Spinnaker Heaven” artwork, that can raise funds for hospice — any cotton tee sold for $20 generates $6 for hospice, any tech tee sold for $35 = $10.50 for hospice.
  7. You keep 100% of the revenue from apparel sold at your regatta.
  8. Signature Line shirts and other goods you order for event-day sales are not returnable. Be sure to order thoughtfully.


Check the list of Authorized Representatives by Regatta


Don’t Miss Great Deals for Your Regatta at Our Online Posters/Notecards Store

"Spinnaker Heaven" 2018 Hospice Regattas poster
“Spinnaker Heaven”
2018 Hospice Regattas poster

Yes, it is the 21st century. At our online store for posters, you can place an order, make your payment, and expedite your shipment any day, any time.

Remember: hospice regattas receive a huge discount on Bond posters and notecards:

  • You pay only $12 for a 2018 poster that retails for $60;
  • You get discounts on collectible older posters, too, including the signed and numbered ones from 2009 and 2012;
  • You pay only $8 for a package of 10 notecards/envelopes that sells to the public for $15;
  • You pay one shipping fee per order, usually just $2.99.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer:

  • Log in to the Members Area of the Alliance website. Each regatta’s primary contact person can log in using her/his name (e-mail address) and password. If you want a different member of your regatta team to handle this, the primary contact person should submit that request.
  • Once you’ve logged in, click on the Hospice Regattas Posters Store link.
  • Order the posters and notecards you want, from 2018 or prior years.
  • Add any stow bags, totes, or duffels that SailorBags is offering for 25% off the regular price.
  • Enter your payment information and shipping preference.
  • Submit the order, and in a week or less your goods get delivered!
Go to the Members Area of the Alliance Website Remember — your Hospice Regatta Member discount is only available through this process.

Questions? Click here.