Order 2018 Posters, Notecards (and more) from our new Online Store!

Every hospice regatta race committee strives to create spinnaker heaven out on the water. Now every hospice regatta can benefit from Willard Bond’s colorful vision of “Spinnaker Heaven,” the image featured on the Alliance’s posters and notecards for 2018.

The “official” Bond poster for 2018 has member regatta names printed around the image’s border.

Sets of 10 undated notecards, with envelopes, also feature “Spinnaker Heaven.”

You can put posters into auctions or raffles, frame them for on-site sale, or present them as gifts or awards. Use the cards as thank-you gifts, or for thank-you notes, to sponsors, volunteers and others who help your regatta succeed.

Both are popular with sailors and supporters – and are sure to boost your regatta’s bottom line, thanks to the large discount you enjoy.

Here’s How to Get Posters, Cards for Your Regatta

Yes, it is the 21st century. If Walmart is investing in e-commerce, it’s time for the Alliance to move our merchandise online, where you can place your order, make your payment, and expedite your shipment any day, any time.

Even better, hospice regattas receive a huge discount on Bond materials:

  • You pay only $12 for a poster that retails for $60 — that’s 80% off the retail price;
  • You get discounts on older posters, too, including the 2009 and 2012 editions that Willard Bond signed;
  • You pay only $8 for a package of 10 notecards and envelopes that sells to the public for $15;
  • You pay one shipping fee per order, usually just $2.99.

This exclusive offer is available ONLY through the following process:

Log in to the Members Area of the Alliance website.

Go to Members Area Now!


Each regatta’s primary contact person can log in using his/her user name (email address) and password. [If necessary, change your password.] Or, if you would like another member of your regatta team to handle this process, just have your primary contact e-mail us that request.

Have a problem logging in? Contact us today.

Once you’ve logged in, click on the Hospice Regattas Posters Store link.

You’ll enter an online store that’s a lot like other e-commerce sites:
Order your desired quantity of posters and notecards;
PLUS – Get 25% off selected stow bags, totes, duffels and other items from SailorBags.com, our partner for this online store;
Enter your payment information and shipping preference;
Submit the order — and in 6 to 10 days, your goods are delivered!

Remember — your discount is only available through this process!

QUESTIONS? Let us hear from you.

In addition to this store where Members get discounts to support their efforts to raise funds for hospice, the Alliance is opening a public store where shoppers pay retail prices.

Please encourage your supporters to check it out. (It’s OK to hold off until after your regatta, of course.)